M shape fenders

M fenders are widely used on the bow or stern of boats or on the corners of docks or pontoons. The M shape of this fender provides flexibility and it can therefore easily follow the contour of a bow or stern. This type of fender has a wide and flexible contact surface. The grooves on the top provide extra grip and three flexible legs to ensure good contact and sturdy attachment. M fenders can be mounted on a small radius and they are relatively lighter than W fenders. The three mounting holes in M fenders facilitate easy and accurate installation.




M fenders are produced from an extremely durable type of rubber. Lengths are often no longer than 2000 mm and they are produced by means of compression-moulding. The most common dimensions are kept in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice. M fenders, W fenders and Keyhole fenders are not interchangeable.


M fenders are relatively easy to install. Mounting often takes place with the help of fixing pins through three standard openings. M fenders are available in various lengths and they can be cut at an angle. If the fenders are longer than one meter an opening for a support strip can be added.


M fenders are used to protect:

  • tugboats
  • workboats
  • icebreakers
  • barges
  • supply boats
  • pontoons
  • corners of quays
  • bridge sections