Square Fender

The Engineering Company manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality fender bars for use on a variety of applications. These particular fenders are designed to resist frequent, heavy impacts without deteriorating. We offer a variety of sizes and lengths in order to suit your unique requirements.




Three standard types of square fenders are available:
SD fender. Provided with a D-shaped inner chamber
SC fender.Provided with an O-shaped inner chamber
SS fender. Without an inner chamber

Engineer Company produces square fenders in a standard range and most common sizes are kept in stock in black and can be delivered at short notice. Customer specific sizes and designs can also be produced by us at short notice. Square fenders with a smaller dimension can also be produced with very long lengths and in other colours (non-marking).


Square fenders can be mounted in several ways by means of bolts and/or strips. The mounting holes required are made through the side or through the top and bottom of the fender. The fenders are finished in accordance with your requirements and drawings. Square fenders can also be produced vulcanised in a specific radius to ensure that it fits properly around a bow or stern of a ship. Square fenders can be provided in specified lengths and the ends can be bevelled.


As is the case with D fenders, square fenders can be used for a wide range of applications:
• workboats
• tugboats
• pilot boats
• fishing boats
• quays
• pontoons
• piers
• loading bays
• car parks