Delta fenders

The delta fender is a proven effective rubber profile for use in both marine and industrial markets and they can be used for various purposes, both inside and outside. This type of fender has a minimal contact surface and they are easy to assemble. A properly mounted delta fender has the capacity to absorb high levels of energy through the presence of a relatively large hollow chamber.




Engineer Company produces a standard range of delta fenders. The most common dimensions of delta fenders are kept in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice. Customer specific sizes and designs can also be produced with short lead times. Many types of delta fenders can be produced in longer lengths and in other colors.


Delta fenders are generally mounted against a construction or wall with the flat bottom. The mounting holes required are made through the top and bottom of the fender. This part of the production is done according to your requirements and drawings. Delta fenders can also be produced vulcanised in a specific radius to ensure that it fits properly around a bow or stern of a ship. Most Delta fenders can be provided in specified lengths .


Delta fenders are multifunctional and they can be used in various projects:

  • various types of boats
  • quays
  • pontoons
  • piers
  • car parks
  • warehouse and shop fittings
  • bodyworks