Pressing Molding

Compression molding is a well known technique to develop variety of composite products from rubber. It is a closed molding process with high pressure application.



In this method, two matched metal molds are used to fabricate composite product. In compression molder, base plate is stationary while upper plate is movable. Rubberis placed in the metallic mold and the whole assembly is kept in between the compression molder. Heat and pressure is applied as per the requirement of composite for a definite period of time. The material placed in between the molding plates flows due to application of pressure and heat and acquires the shape of the mold cavity with high dimensional accuracy which depends upon mold design. Curing of the composite may carried out either at room temperature or at some elevated temperature. After curing, mold is opened and composite product is removed for further processing. In principle, a compression molding machine is a kind of press which is oriented vertically with two molding halves (top and bottom halves). Generally, hydraulic mechanism is used for pressure application in compression molding.

Compression molding method: