Nitrile Rubber Sheet

Nitrile rubber sheet is used where oil resistance, fuel resistance and where heat resistance is required. Nitrile rubber or acrylonitrile butadiene is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile, with higher hardness and good expansion resistance in the solvent.

Nitrile rubber sheet have excellent resistance to oils, solvents and fuels. Resistant to a broader range of aromatic hydrocarbons than neoprene. Nitrite may be blended with SBR rubber to achieve an economically priced sheet for moderately oil resistant applications.



Nitrile rubber sheet can work in – 30C to +80 C environment, in oil media (engine oil, derv, petrol, lubricating oil), with sealing and swelling resistance character. It also displays a good resistance to inorganic chemical products except antioxidant agents and chlorine. It gives satisfactory resistance to general hydrocarbons. Due to its polar nature, we do not recommend its use with polar liquids like ketones, ethers and amines.


Nitrile rubber sheet applied to punch all kinds of oil seals, airproof fittings, washers, work table and ground contacted with oil & grease, pavement for electronic places and apply to punch the gasket with all kinds of shapes and cover on the mechanical equipments.

Technical dates:

Color Black
Size Thickness
Hardness 55+/- shore A, 65+/-5 shore A, 75+/-5 shore A
Tensile strength Min. 3MPA
Elongation Min. 200%
Temperature range-30 C to 120 C
Surface Smooth or cloth wave