Hatch Cover

Hatch covers are used to cover and protect the cargo in the cargo spaces. Hatch covers close off the hatch opening and makes it water tight.
Hatch covers of ships are designed to be efficient and cost effective, as an initial investment and during service, and at the same time should suit the demands of the various types of cargo vessels. The major objective of hatch covers on ships is to prevent the ingress of water into the cargo hold and protect the goods from being damped and damaged.
Hatch covers also act as a barrier to the ship’s internal structure by enduring the green water loads in extreme weather, which can damage the internal structure of ship due to corrosion



Introduction :

Cargo storage spaces of any type of vessel, need to be well protected in order to preserve the cargo and prevent any kind of spoilage. A cargo space needs to be air and water tight for conserving the cargo goods for a longer time. If the cargo that is food items, then it becomes extremely important to protect it from moisture and adverse weather conditions, especially rain. Inability to do this not only results in spoilage of goods but also produces chances for spreading diseases. Hatch covers come to the rescue in this situation and can be compared to the lid on a box.

Hatch Covers

In a hatch cover system, the following three safety barriers will be required:

  • A strong steel structure
  • Packing rubber (flexible seal with design compression to compensate for known movements)
  • Designed to be compressed to a certain depth, which is generally referred to as the design compression

Hatch cover rubber packing

Many different types of hatch cover rubber packing (also referred to hatch cover rubber sealing). Traditionally sponge rubber packing was used pressing it against the edge of a compression bar. Over the years ships became much larger and so having bigger movement between the coaming and the hatch covers. To solve this issue sliding rubber packing was used

Hatch cover rubber packing supplied by Engineer Company is made of high quality material to guarantee a long life time. Our sliding rubber offers low friction for better sliding together with a minimum wear. Furthermore it is UV radiation resistant and applicable in a big temperature range. Our sponge rubber has a strong solid skin to reduce damage on the packing. The sponge core is fabricated from a strong natural rubber offering the best compression and a minimum wear.

Sponge rubber

  • Mostly used on side rolling and folding hatch covers
  • Consists of a solid skin with a sponge rubber core
  • Standard compression: 12mm
  • Produced to guarantee long life time

Our main types of Sponge Rubber Packing :

Sliding rubber

  • Mostly used on large vessels with folding hatch covers
  • Consists of EPMD material
  • Standard compression: 12mm
  • Produced to guarantee long life time

Our main types of Sliding Rubber Packing